Novel Review – Elements of Drama of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels Novel


It was about the travels of Gulliver to the wonderful lands, Lilliput and Brobdingnag.

Main Characters

1) Lemuel Gulliver: He was a young doctor who had married and had a family. His own ambition was to travel and had become a ship’s doctor. His father was a land-owner in England. He also had four brothers.

2) The King of Lilliput: He was a king of Lilliput Kingdom. He was half an inch taller than the other Lilliputian. He had strong and manly face. He also had graceful and kingly movements. He was an ambitious man.

3) Glumdalclitch: She was nine years old. She was a daughter of Gulliver’s Master in Brobdingnag. She was very good-tempered and rather small for her age as she was not more than forty feet high. She was Gulliver’s nurse and Gulliver’s teacher.

4) Gulliver’s Master: He was a farmer in Brobdingnag. His daughter was Glumdalclitch. He was an ambitious man in money. He had forced Gulliver to work in entertaining Brobdingnag people to get money for himself.


1) Setting of time: Around the year of 1699.

2) Setting of place: England, Lilliput and Brobdingnag lands.

Summary of The Story

Lemuel Gulliver was a ship’s doctor. His ambition was to travel around the world. He had married and had family. His father was land-owner in England. He also had four brothers. He liked traveling and had left his family just to go abroad with the ships.

Gulliver’s travel began in May, 1699, when the voyage began the journey was going to well. He traveled many months and halfway round the world coast of Sumatra. But then the luck changed, there was a terrible storm which had attacked the ship and all the crew died. Gulliver was safe and could find an unknown land to stay. It was Lilliput land.

Lilliput was a strange land. Its people was tiny and less than six inches high. In this county, Gulliver took care the country from its enemy, Blefuscu land. The king of Lilliput was very nice at first and served Gulliver as well as possible. The Lilliputian called him a “man-mountain”. Then the king asked Gulliver to help him to attack his enemy, the Blefuscu land. But then, the king become ambitious and tried to destroy Blefuscu, but Gulliver did not want to do it and escaped to England.

His next journey was to Brobdingnag. Brobdingnag was an unusual land, its people had very big size body. In this land, Gulliver was found by a farmer who forced him to work hard to get money. Then Gulliver was given to the king of Brobdingnag and taken care by the Master’s daughter, Clumdalclitch.

Finally, after long stay, Gulliver could escape from the land and back to England. Its both were very unusual and amazed and wonderful travels which Gulliver had ever had. He was back to England safely and back to his family. But perhaps, his journey still continued.

Moral Message

The moral significance of the story is that we can’t always get what we want and we do not have right to force somebody to do something. Sometimes, we have to bear what we want and don’t be very ambitious, especially in bad things.

The psychological significance of the story is that we have to manage and struggle to get what we want, but don’t regret if we don’t get what we want. And do never give up and try as hard as possible. It was done by Gulliver to escape from the lands.

The social significance of the story is that, we have to help and love each other and we don’t need to fight each other. There must be no wars and we have to live together with love and togetherness. We can’t live by ourselves.

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